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Best Baby Toddler gifts for 2019

on February 26, 2019
Sweet Tots NZ | Baby Headbands and Baby hair clips
Sweet Tots NZ | Baby Headbands and Baby hair clips
Sweet Tots NZ | Baby Headbands and Baby hair clips


It’s been said that nothing changes your life quite like having a child.  Here at Sweet Tots, we couldn’t agree more.  Run solely by a mom and a very supportive husband, we make sure every item we offer is at its best quality your money can buy. We know how hard it is to find affordable yet high quality accessories for your babies.

We are a new small business located in the heart of Auckland.  As a small business, we differ from our competitors by putting your orders first above all else.  You never have to worry about your order get lost in some big box chain store database.  We love making our customers happy and satisfied, so we will do anything it takes to make sure you are more than pleased with every purchase you make. 

We’ve sourced our products from top quality sources, you can rest assured you’re getting some of the highest quality baby goods in the industry. As a mom myself, I only want the best for my baby and I know every parents do.

Here, we’ve run down the list of what we have to offer and what we think are the best baby and toddler gift for this year.

For Girls

Baby & Toddler Headbands

Headbands and hairclips are inexpensive way to show that you care.  Our headbands are made from soft fabrics that won’t irate your babies skin. Our headbands come in 4 varieties, turban style headbands, knitted headbands, chiffon floral, and tie knot elastic headbands.  Most designs are 100 % machine washable and feature elastic qualities that will allow the bands to stretch as your child grows.   

But make sure to check out our collection of Mommy and baby matching headbands.  They are a two item package that features an adult sized head band for mom, and a matching infant sized one for the little missy.    They are a great gift for your sister, best friend, or even expecting co-worker.

Baby & Toddler Hair Clips

Hair clips are an excellent way to help your little princess express herself.   Sweet Tots features are large collection of different styles of hairclips.  We have everything from simple bow designs, to stuffed animal designs, floral designs, cute little ties, and many others. 

Our hair clips are sold in packages of 5 per pack to as large as 24 hairclips per pack.  Take advantage of our offering by ordering multiple hairclip packs.  That way your little one will have a variety of styles to choose from. 

For Boys

Baby & Toddler Bow Ties

Nothing makes your little man look a stud quite like a toddler bow tie.  Our bow ties are designed as formal wear, and will look perfect at formal events, weddings, family photos, and many other occasions.  Our bow times come in a variety of different colors and designs.    

Baby & Toddler Suspenders

A cute set of baby suspenders goes perfect with any bowtie, so why not buy both!  At Sweet Tots we currently have a special going on for our suspender and bow tie combo packs.  Each combo back comes with a set of baby suspenders and a matching or themed bow tie.  Our suspender and bow tie sets come in 3 different color combinations.  So you’re sure to find one that will suit whatever little man’s style your shopping for.


Baby Animal Hats

Our animal hats are soft and designed to help keep your little guy warm.  Our hats feature a cute animal design and come in two shades, blue and dark grey.  Also, our hats don’t feature any buttons or solid pieces.  So you can rest assured that when your little guy tries to chew it, (because lord knows boys are always putting things in their mouths) there won’t be a chocking hazard here. 


Animal Backpacks for Boys and Girls

We have an amazing selection of fun and cute toddler backpacks.  They are a perfect gift for the new preschooler in your family.  Our back backs are made from a soft foam material, so they will be light on your child’s back.  


 Our store offers everything from cute looking kitten back packs, panda back packs, & fish back packs, to ferocious looking dragon backpacks, shark backpacks, and even monster backpacks.  So no matter what your child’s favorite animal is, you can be sure to find it here at Sweet Tots.

 Sweet Tots NZ | Baby Headbands and Baby hair clips

For Mom

Car Baby Organizational Bags

Moms, we know how hard of a job you have raising kids.  Some days it just seems like you’re driving one place to the next, nonstop.  Then on top of that, you’re still trying to find room in your car for all your baby items.  That is why we are proud to offer a custom solution just for mom. 

Our Car Organizational Bags are bags you attach to the back of your driver’s or passenger car seats.  These durable bags feature 5 different compartments for you to store everything from baby food, baby bottles, spare clothes, diapers, and more!  This one of a kind solution is perfect for the busy mom on the go. 

Crib Organizational Bags

The last thing you want to worry about when you finally get home, is trying to find something you need for your baby.  Especially, when you’re trying to get him or her settled down for the night.  Our crib organizational bags hang of the back half of your crib and can hold anything you need to help your little one fall asleep. 

These impressive bags contain 7 different compartments for everything you baby needs.  There is a spot for spare diapers, clothes, blankets, wipes, and even a spot for your precious ones favorite toy.  These bags are the perfect way to keep all of your baby’s items all in one easy to find place.


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